Welcome to Kona Laundromat!

Discover the spacious and modern setting of Kona Laundromat, complete with ample parking and a large range of machines. Experience the convenience of high-efficiency Electrolux equipment, FREE WiFi, TVs, air conditioning, and vending for snacks and drinks.

Our dedicated team of laundry professionals is committed to ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for all customers. Enjoy the flexibility of our versatile LaundryCard payment system, accepting cash, credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, and your LaundryCard can be used at any of our 5 locations. So you can leave your quarters at home!

We are open 7 days a week from 7am to 11pm, with the last wash at 10pm. Check out our exclusive specials below and make the most of your visit to Kona Laundromat.

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Specials & Discounts

Free Dry

Earn FREE Dry Credits every time you use our washing machines! Make sure to use your FREE Dry Credits same day, they max out at 100 credits.

Wash to Win!

Register your laundry card to earn points every time you do your laundry with us. Once you reach the points goal a $5 cash bonus is automatically added to your card!


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Laundromat - Snacks & Soda
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Laundromat - Free Parking
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Laundromat - Customer Service
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Laundromat - Wash large items
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Laundromat - Air Conditioning
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Laundromat - TV
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Laundromat - Free WiFi

Drop-Off Laundry Service

When life is busy Kona Laundromat is here to give you time back. Drop off laundry service is a quick and convenient way to do laundry.

✔ Drop off your clothes with our attendant any day of the week.

✔ We will wash your garments, linens and more, just the way you like it.

✔ We will notify you when your laundry is ready for pick-up.

Call us at 267-343-3130 or email [email protected]

Loads of Machines!

Medium Washers = 2 loads
Large Washers = 4 loads
XL Washers = 8 loads

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Customer Reviews

  • Very nice and new. Everything was clean and was not crowded.

    Blanche Brown Avatar Blanche Brown

    Clean, spacious with large screen tvs, rest room & dining area..

    Ann Williams (Anntoeneck) Avatar Ann Williams (Anntoeneck)

    Clean and great price

    Amenda Richburg Avatar Amenda Richburg

    Machines are always clean and working

    Bee Silent Avatar Bee Silent

    Very clean laundromat to wash clothes at anytime of the day..

    Robert E Brown III Avatar Robert E Brown III
  • Affordable and clean. Nice staff

    Monique Williams Avatar Monique Williams

    Great service….free detergent….love the location….my #1 place to wash

    Rosemarie Gamble Avatar Rosemarie Gamble

    Very nice staff clean and not overly crowded actually come all the way from one neighborhood to this one for it's pleasent atmosphere.🙂

    K. G. Avatar K. G.

    Great place!

    V Avatar V

    Very New & Clean! Great!

    Wanda Romero Avatar Wanda Romero
  • The staff are friendly and helpful and the place is never really crowded when I'm there. The prices are cheaper you get free laundry powder it's clean in there too. There's a big parking lot and IHOP KFC an chic fil-a are right next door. I like this one

    Jahmeelah Muddathir (Jahmeelah M.) Avatar Jahmeelah Muddathir (Jahmeelah M.)

    I always have a washer and dryer available. A clean and quiet laundromat

    Gloria Mccullough Avatar Gloria Mccullough

    Best laundrymat around hands down! Nothing comes close!

    Queen C X 215 Avatar Queen C X 215

    Best laundromat I have ever been to in my life. The facility is extremely nice, bathrooms are clean, and you receive free drying for washing your clothes. There are durable laundry bags for sale there as well. Keep up the hood work. Kona Laundromat is a gem for the community.

    Richard W. Avatar Richard W.

    Done laundry here three times so far it's kept very clean even the bathroom. All washers working properly. Staff very friendly and helpful.

    Anthony Garcia Avatar Anthony Garcia
  • I always go early in the morning or late before closing, machines are clean for the most part

    Tramaine Folly Avatar Tramaine Folly

    They the best so far....clean

    Glorianna Rivera Avatar Glorianna Rivera

    Very very very good open 7am to 11pm very clean and New machine Last wash 10pm

    javier rodriguez Avatar javier rodriguez

    This is one of the cleanest and best laundromats I’ve been to. I even drove 40 minutes to come here cause others around me aren’t even close to being this nice. The owners are nice and helpful.

    Katrina Austin Avatar Katrina Austin

    Very very clean establishment with plenty of washers and dryers to choose from. Sitting areas are very comfortable and the bathrooms just tops it off "SPOTLESS"

    Natasha Steele Avatar Natasha Steele
  • Love doing my laundry here it's extremely clean, staff are friendly and helpful, clean equipment and restroom 🚻 are very clean as well. Keep up the good work Kona..

    Raymond Sinick Avatar Raymond Sinick

    Máquinas buevas, precio bajo lugar muy cómodo

    sandra celis Avatar sandra celis

    Very clean, friendly staff. Area to do work while waiting. Prices are fair for the quiet, clean, spacious place you are provided.

    Alondra Perez Avatar Alondra Perez

    Reasonable washer machine prices. Free dryer. Very clean

    Jack Banks Avatar Jack Banks

    Best laundromat I ever been to, very clean and nice setup.

    Dawn Green Avatar Dawn Green

Leave Your Quarters Behind!

Cash & Credit Accepted
Kona Laundromat offers multiple ways to pay. Credit cards and cash are accepted to add value to your loyalty card.

Loyalty = Rewards
Keep the same laundry card for each visit and you will be eligible for various bonuses and loyal customer benefits!

Lost Card? No Problem!
As long as you register your full name, address, phone number and email on your card we will issue you a new card and transfer the balance from your lost card.

Contact Us

Contact info

Address: 758 Adams Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19124
Phone: 267-343-3130

    Visit our other locations!

    Visit KLaundryPhiladelphia.com to see a full list of our other locations throughout Philadephia, Pennsylvania:
    K Laundry - 2710 Snyder Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19145 K Laundry - 221 W Hunting Park Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19140
    K Laundry - 8001 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19136 K Laundry - 9418 Bustleton Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19115